Beginning with the end in mind - The Zichru Chazara Program [Oraysa]

Hello Oraysa Member, 

Welcome to Zichru. 

We're excited that you're taking advantage of the Zichru materials to supplement your learning with Oraysa. We think combining Zichru with Oraysa is a perfect shidduch. As one new member recently shared with us, we go together like peanut butter and jam. :)

I hope that's the case. 

In order to get you off to a strong start and maximize your success in making a long term kinyan on Maseches Succah, I'd like to share with you the big picture goal of Zichru and how our chazarah program facilitates that. 

Zichru's goal is that upon completion of the Masechta, you'll be able to review the Masechta by memory with simanim on a weekly basis. 

As remarkable as that sounds, it is totally doable and very manageable.This is how it works. 

We call it "Zichru Math." 

On average, it takes about thirty seconds to review the three main topics on each blatt. This is not every detail written in the summary, but the central nekuda that is covered. 

If one can review a daf in 30 seconds, then one can review 10 blatt in 5 minutes, and 20 blatt in 10 minutes. 

On Oraysa's schedule, this means that you'll be reviewing all the blatt you've covered to date, on a daily basis until you complete your second month when you will have covered 20 blatt. 

Once you complete your second month, we recommend the previous 20 blatt daily. For example, when you are up to daf ל, you will review from daf י to daf ל.

The blatt that are not included in the back 20, are then spread out over the course of a week. 

So from daf ב to daf ט, you'll review them at least once a week. 

Of course, you're not limited to only reviewing them weekly. My sense is that you'll have the material down so well, that you'll easily find the time to review these blatt numerous times during the week as well. 

Remember. Zichru chazarah can happen anywhere

On your way to shul and work, waiting for a chuppah to start, standing in line at the supermarket, or waiting for the minyan to begin. There is plenty of "in-between" time to do review. 

When you finally are mesayem, you will have already been reviewing most of the masechta on a weekly basis. 

The day after the siyum, the review of the 55 blatt in Maseches Succah will take on average, 28 minutes to review. Spread that over a week, and all it will require is 4 minutes a day. 

That's the magic of Zichru. 

It's extremely efficient and very satisfying. Not just for the present, but for the many years to come. Your investment in taking the time to incorporate simanim into your schedule will pay off. 

Thank you again for giving Zichru a try. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 

I look forward to your success.

Rabbi Avraham Goldhar

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