Shavous 5784 Message from Rabbi Goldhar
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Special message from Rabbi Goldhar for Shavous 5784.

Divrei Berachah and Chizuk from Rabbi Mansour

If you have ever met anyone who has rolled his eyes when he saw Zichru pictures and proclaimed, "There is no way I'm doing that,"…

Orientation #1: Understanding How the Zichru Chazarah Schedule Works [Oraysa]

In this video, I explain how we organize review so that you'll be able to review the entire Masechta on a weekly basis with simanim,…

Zichru 1000 - Zichru Members Tested on 1000 Blatt!

Zichru 1000 Highlights Video - Zichru Members Tested on 1000 Blatt

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